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At our law firm, we do everything we can to make the bankruptcy process as smooth and effortless as possible for our clients:

Phone call appointments.  Text message communication.  Email and text message reminders of appointments and court appearances.  Court filings sent by email.  Phone and online payment options.  Online document portal available.  And of course, we’re happy to meet in person too.  Anything we can do to make bankruptcy convenient, we do.  That’s our promise to you.

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Chapter 7


The classic bankruptcy: eliminate debts, end garnishment, and stop the harassment – with no payments on those debts!

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Chapter 13


A “reorganization” of your debts: stop foreclosure and solve tax issues by making small payments every month for 60 months!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does bankruptcy cost? Can I make payments?

As a general rule, bankruptcy costs a lot less than any other method of getting out of debt. Every case is different, but we'll be able to quote you a price by the end of your first phone call. Most of our clients set up a payment plan, and we're happy to discuss payments with you.

Am I going to lose all my possessions? Can I keep my car and house?

Most of our clients get to keep everything they own, and still eliminate all their debts. In general, you get to keep your home, your car (or often multiple cars), your possessions, your guns and your wedding rings — and lots more. But there are some limits, and we'll discuss those with you when you call us.

Can bankruptcy stop garnishment? Can it stop foreclosure?

Yes and yes. All collections activities by creditors — garnishment, foreclosure, nasty phone calls and letters — all of it stops as soon as we file your bankruptcy case. We will work with you to prepare your case as quickly as possible in order to stop the creditors as soon as possible!

Can bankruptcy solve tax debt?

Yes. For some clients, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy will eliminate tax debt. For others, a Chapter 13 is required. Or, we could use a non-bankruptcy solution to solve your tax debts. Tax problems can be difficult, but we will find the right tax solution for you!


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